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Final thoughts for Monday, 19th June

Msg#85 - Final thoughts for Monday, 19th June

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Posted: 6/19/2000 by Duncan
Modified: 6/23/2000 by Duncan

I won't be able to update much tomorrow as most of the department are off to a retreat to brainstorm research plans. There have been quite a few changes of staff recently and it'll be interesting to hear about the 'new hires' research interests. I'd be the first to admit to being relatively inactive in research preferring to concentrate on teaching, challenging, and motivating, my students. It seems that the good students respond to the challenge(s) but the mediocre students - the ones that have no real enthusiasm for Computer Science and are only in it for the money with the belief that they'll make a bundle if they get a degree in CS - have a 'what is the minimum amount of effort that will get me a pass' attitude. One challenge most rose to was creating the content for the Friday - Crusoe's Companion Website. But I digress...

So, my plans for the summer include producing more research output and automating some of the delivery and assessment of my main class - Computer Architecture and Design. One of the reasons I'm so keen about FC is that I can see it being a great fit for the latter, and may even be instrumental in helping to establish the former.

Off to bed now to sleep on my ideas.

PS As always Curmudgeon comes up trumps with interesting links to educational issues. Today it was wildly varying grading philosophies:

There's no problem with wildly varying grading philosopies. The problem is taking grades so seriously. They never were meant to be the goal of education.



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